Bathmate Fluid Retention – How to Deal Hydromax Water Retention?

Learn to deal with bathmate fluid and water retention! In the quest to enlarge the penis size, men have tried all sorts of methods. One of the most popular is the use of a vacuum pump or a Bathmate pump to increase the size and girth of the penis. Both methods are good at enhancing the size of a man’s penis. However, they both have their cons, which are not the same. This is why we will look into the problems associated with both methods.

Vacuum Pump Swelling Problem vs Bathmate

As mentioned earlier, both vacuum pump and Bathmate pumps have problems associated with them. We will highlight the individual problems of each method.

Vacuum Pump Swelling Problem

Vacuum pumps are used by men who are suffering from erectile dysfunctions or those who are simply looking for ways of enhancing the size of their penis. While the pumps work to deliver good results, there are some problems that come with using them.

bathmate hydro pump water retention

One of the main problems is swelling around the glans. This happens when there is too much pressure during a pumping session. It brings the “doughnut effect”, which is due to lymphatic fluid build-up. The swelling may subside after a few hours. However, the swelling is very uncomfortable and may leave the penis sore.

This is the major problem associated with vacuum pumps.

What is Bathmate Water Retention?

When using a Bathmate pump, the problem you are likely to experience is water retention. We will discuss all you need to know about it.

Water retention is the over-expansion of penis shaft after a prolonged intense pumping session. When there is fluid retention, the penis resembles a turkey neck. It is not appealing to most men. This means that men always try to avoid water retention to maintain a healthy-looking penis.

The cause of water retention has nothing to do with water. Many people think that the water a person uses during the pumping sessions ends up penetrating into the penile skin to cause the ‘turkey neck’. However, the real cause is the pressure applied during the pumping session.

The good thing is that there is no danger associated with water retention. This is just a normal process that many men encounter. There is no tissue damage, hence a normal occurrence. Even still, most men always seek ways of avoiding this occurrence. This is what we will discuss here.

How to Prevent Water Retention Problem?

For the sake of many men who are looking for ways of preventing water retention, we will highlight some of the most common ways of avoiding hydromax water retention.

  • Start slowly

When engaging in a pumping session, start pumping slowly. This will help you prevent water retention.

  • Maintain a moderate pressure

One of the leading reasons for water retention is high pressure for too long. Try to maintain a moderate pressure to avoid the turkey neck.

  • Buy newer models

The newer models of Bathmate do not have the problem of water retention. Therefore, you can avoid fluid retention by simply buying the newer models of Bathmate.

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These new models are also effective in enhancing the size of a man’s penis. Therefore, you will not only be avoiding a turkey neck but also ensuring that you enhance your penis effectively.

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