Bathmate Hydro Pump Routine for Newbies

NOTE: Please follow the guidelines set in the manual. Bathmate do not have any routine for newbies or even a Pro users.

BELOW ARE THE Common TIPS That You Can Use for Your Bathmate Routine. Don’t Simply Trust it blindly. Make sure to check the Manual and follow their tips.

Bathmate Hydro Pump routine is meant specifically for those men who have never used any form of male enhancement for their penis before. It is important that it is followed only if Bathmate is the only method being used and not when combined with other methods. Some other manual exercises are exempted from this rule however, including stretching and jelqing. This is because they will assist in gaining size much faster without any effect on the pumping process.

The main purpose of Bathmate routines to ensure that your penis gets used to pumping in the safest manner possible. You will become completely familiar with the pump in such a way that you can comfortably adjust the routine after a duration of only 4 weeks. It will still get you some gains besides the fact that it is some sort of preparation only.

bathmate penis pump Routine

Bathmate Penis Pump Precautions for newbies

  • Begin by reading all the directions and instruction which come with the Hydromax pump size chart and if possible, go for a consultation with your doctor before you begin to use Bathmate.
  • Learn everything you need to know about using the pump before you begin using it and make use of your good judgment.

Best Bathmate Routine for Beginners (You Must Check Manual To Avoid Any Injury)

The routine to follow once you have gone through all the precautions is easy to follow. Full description of the week by week routine is given below.

Week One

For this week, ensure that you enter the Bathmate tube only in a flaccid state. You should use full pressure for this and leave it on for exactly 8 minutes. Do this on every alternating day to make it 4 times for the week.

Week Two

For this week, you should enter the Bathmate tube with your penis being in the soft or flaccid state. Full pressure is used. The pump should stay on for 12 minutes. It should be done on every other day, throughout the entire week.

Bathmate for Week Three

By the third week, you will now be ready to enter the Bathmate with an erection. Get an erection of about 70 – 80% and then mount the pump. Use full pressure and leave it on for a period of about 10 – 12 minutes. You can used it on every alternating day or for every two consecutive days and resting on every third day. The choice of the set days both have similar results so you can base your decision only on what fits best to your daily routine.

Week Four and Bathmate

For this week, you will still enter the Bathmate having an erection of between 70 and 80%. Use full pressure and let the pump stay on for 10 to 12 minutes. The days to use the pump should be similar to those of week three, a choice between every alternating day and two consecutive days with rest on the third.

Week Five and Beyond

By week 5, you will now be able to enter the Bathmate having a full erection. Leave the pump on for a minimum of 12 minutes. The pressure and frequency of pumping can now be adjusted accordingly as by now, your penis will be already used to the Bathmate. The time that you leave it on for can also be adjusted for all the other subsequent weeks.

Bathmate Permanent Results can be possible if you possible such routine. In case of any question, you can contact me by commenting here.

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