Bathmate Hercules Review 2024 – Before After Results

Bathmate Hercules Before After results, review and coupon codes. Bathmate Hercules refers to the very first penis pump released by Bathmate. It is a premium penis pump, which is still available in the current market. It was developed to help with penis enlargement, increasing both the girth and length. Different from other penis pumps that use vacuum, the Bathmate Hercules uses water. Water is a better medium than air as it allows proportional expansion of the penis in a safe and effective manner.

Bathmate Hercules results and review

The Bathmate Hercules results can be seen almost instantly, though that will be temporary. For permanent results, you should use the pump consistently over a long duration. Experts say that 6 to 8 week are enough to give you noticeable results.

The Bathmate Hercules Pump Review

The Bathmate Hercules is designed in such a way that using it is quite simple. You might have to try a couple of times for the first time as you learn how to use it. All you need to do is to fill it with warm water and insert your penis inside. Push the pump towards the base of the penis such that it will form a suction force to hold it in place. Pump a few more times to gain the desired pressure. You can use the valve located on the end to ease the pressure a little bit, in case you find yourself having pump too much. The pump should be left on for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You can check my previous comparison about bathmate hercules vs hydromax x30, if you are confused about that.

Pros of the Bathmate Hercules

Permanent gains

With this pump, you can easily gain up to 3 inches in length and a girth increase of over 30%. Such gains come with consistent use over just a couple of months. The results will be permanent. The pump also has temporary results, which can be experienced almost as soon as you place it on. You can take advantage of the temporary increase in erection size to wow your partner.

Improved sexual stamina

If you have a problem with libido or cannot sustain an erection for long, Bathmate Hercules might just be the perfect solution. Using it consistently helps you learn how to maintain a rock solid erection for as long as you may desire.

Straightens the penis

A good number of men have curved penis. This can come with problems such as low self-confidence and poor performance in bed. Bathmate Hercules can help to straighten out the penis. The results for this will be permanent. It would suggest you not to buy Bathmate from eBay as you may get fake product without any warranty.

Bathmate Hercules Before After Results

Personally, when I started using the Bathmate Hercules pump, I was a little skeptic of how it will perform. The thought of dedicating myself to it for months without being sure of the results I will get was a bit scary. However, my penis size was too embarrassing that I had to just try it. I started using it for 15 minutes every day. After about 8 weeks of use, I had gained an entire 1 and a half inches in length. That gave me motivation to continue with my program. 6 months down and I have already have permanent gains of over two inches.

What really made me happy about the pump was how effective it is. It delivers results just as promised. It also has a very simple design and priced reasonable lower compared to its competitors. You can use Bathmate Hercules coupons to get up to 30% off the retail price.

Please share your Bathmate Hercules Review and Before after result too, so that others can check it and decide accordingly.

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