What is Bathmate Hydromax Official Site and Store?

Want to buy Bathmate but cannot find official and original site or store? Here is the tips for you to make it ease. Bathmate refers to a pump used for the purposes of penis enlargement. It is among the most popular penis pumps available in the current market. Its popularity is as a result of its effectiveness as well as the high quality in terms of design and materials used. It has been tested and proven to work over the many years that it has been around.

Bathmate Hydro Pump Official Site and Models

You can buy your Bathmate pump from UK from a variety of places. The only challenge is that you have to ensure that you get an original pump if you wish to enjoy all the benefits that come with it. To solve this problem, it is recommended that you make your purchase only from the official site of Bathmate, which is http://www.officialhydromaxpump.com/.

bathmate hydromax official website

The original Bathmate

The model of the original Bathmate includes Goliath and Hercules. They were the first ones developed and set the standards in the industry for the hydro-penis pumps. They both use water to create the suction power that delivers the desired results. They are up to 250% more effective when compared to air pumps. The only difference between the two pumps is in size.

Hydromax Bathmate

After the original Bathmates, the Hydromax Bathmate models became the next ones in the evolution. They are a premium model line, which took penis pumping to a different level altogether. As a model series, it was the highest seller of all Bathmate series.

The model series has three different sizes, named X40, X30, and X20. Their suction power is up to 35% higher compared to the original series. A 360 degrees rotation is enabled by the swivel bellows. This means that you can view the entire visual chamber. Efficiency is optimized by the option of changing the inclined angle.

Other features that made this series the best seller include the Super Flow System for the latch valve, an imperial and metric guidance scale, and increased size of the internal bellows.

Hydromax Xtreme Bathmate

This is yet another premium model series of the Bathmate pumps. It has nearly everything that you would desire in a penis pump. Some of the main features that make it stand out among the rest include the following;

They come in three different sizes just as those of the Hydromax series. The sizes are named X40 – Xtreme, X30 – Xtreme, and X – 20 Xtreme.  They ensure that everyone can find a size that fits perfectly.

All the features found in the Hydromax series are present in the Hydromax Xtreme series, including the suction power that is 35% more than the original series, valve system, swivel bellows, imperial and metric scale, and the bigger bellows size.

A hand ball pump with a hose attachment is also available with the Xtreme series. They allows you to pump irrespective of whether you are in or out of the bath of shower. Comfort pads are included to make this model the most comfortable among all Bathmate penis pump models. Included in the package are cleaning sponge, measuring gauge, and carrying case.

Shipping policy and guarantee/warranty of Bathmate

Bathmate offers worldwide shipping and returns. Shipping is done in discrete packaging and delivered only by trusted partners. A 60-day money-back guarantee is offered, with no quibbles. If you buy bathmate from amazon then you won’t get all these benefits. Please visit below link to open the official hydromax page.

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