Bathmate and Jelqing Routine for Instant Results

Learn how to use Bathmate with Jelqing method for instant result. We created easy to follow routine for you to get 100% success rate.

Not all men are blessed or lucky enough to have an adequate penis size. There are some who even have above average size but would still love to increase the size, either in terms of length or girth. The high percentage of men trying to improve the size of their penis is just a mere indicator of its importance. A few of the reasons why they do it include;

  • Sexual performance

Many studies and researches have been done and the conclusions all point towards one direction, size. The size of the penis really matters, especially when talking about the satisfaction of the woman. It might not be possible for the man to hit all the right spots when the size of his penis is limited, hence limiting the sexual experience that can possibly be achieved.

  • Confidence

Many men feel so insecure about the size of their penis. When a man is not okay with the size, it is likely that it will also affect his level of confidence towards women. A lot of opportunities can fly by past you just because of the lack of confidence to take advantage of the opportunity.

How Bathmate and Jelqing can help you increase penis size?

Bathmate is a type of penis pump that uses water to create pressure and a suction feel which in turn, causes more blood to flow to your penis and consequently increase the size of the penis. Bathmate size calculator or chart is needed before buying that. It can offer temporary results for short term usage but the results can be made permanent by dedicated long term use. Jelqing on the other hand refers to a type of exercise that also offers penis enlargement as the results. It is one of the simplest and most basic penis enlargement exercises only needs some lubricant and your time to perform. In fact, if you don’t have any lubricant, you can even dry jelq. The process involves stroking the penis in a milking like movement for a couple of minutes a day.

Using the Bathmate pump and jelqing can both effectively work independently, but combining the two of them will work even better. The desired results will be achieved a lot sooner and the results are likely to be permanent within only a short time.

Bathmate and Jelqing Routine for Best result

Using the two methods at the same time should be done with a lot of caution. This is because you don’t want to overwork the penis and cause other medical problems or complications. Everything should be done moderately and according to the given guidelines to ensure maximum safety. You should also combine the two methods only after using Bathmate routine for not less than three months.

Always start by warming up. This can be done by standing in a hot shower for a couple of minutes to stimulate more blood flow. It is advisable you start with jelqing Routine and use the Bathmate afterward. Start with very short sessions of jelqing, perhaps a minute or two, and work your way up.

If you are using both techniques, ensure that you don’t do either of them with a full erection. Also use reasonable pressure to ensure that you will not feel any soreness afterwards. Using it improper way can create some bathmate penis injuries. If you have any queries or concern here, then feel free to contact me.

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