Does Bathmate give Permanent Results?

Are you wondering that batamate hyromax really works? Does Bathmate X40, X30 or Gloliath give permanent results? Then this is the page for you.

Most men always seek ways of increasing penis size. This has been an issue for quite some time now. It is out of this that various devices have been made with the sole purpose of increasing penis size. One such device is Bathmate. This is a great device used in the shower to help men increase their penis sizes.

get permanent success with bathmate hydromax pump

What makes Bathmate unique is the promise of giving men permanent results in their quest to increase penis size. We already cover same in our previous bathmate vs penomet comparison post. This assertion forms the basis of the discussion here below where the truth of this claim will be discussed in length.

What is the difference between permanent and temporary results?

Most men have been seeking permanent results whenever engaging in any penis increase procedure. Therefore, we will look into what makes permanent results different from temporary results. You should use bathmate properly to get best result. Below is the detailed report with good example.

Temporary results

Temporary results, often known as penile engorgement, provides for an increase in penis size but limited to a few minutes or hours depending on a number of factors. Penile engorgement is the ‘temporary’ increase in thickness and length of the penis. More often, temporary results is confused with permanent because there is significant increase in penis size.

Permanent Results

Permanent results, also known as penile enlargement, provides for a permanent increase in the size of the penis. Just as the name suggest, permanent results or penile enlargement is bound to stay for good.

Distinctive factors

There are factors that can well distinguish between permanent and temporary results. Here below are some of these distinctive factors.

  • Duration taken to note increase: One of the differentiating factors is in the duration taken to note the difference. Temporary results are noticed immediately after using a traction device or pills. It only take a few minutes before you notice change in the size. On the other hand, permanent results take quite a long time to note the difference in the penis size. It might take as long as 6 months before significant permanent difference is noted.
  • How long the increase lasts: The increase of temporary result will last for hours or just a few days before the penis size gets back to normal. Permanent results are permanent and thus bound to last for good. You should use bathmate everyday to get desired gain.
  • Length of penile increase: Temporary results often give slightly greater length increase than the permanent results. Therefore, if you notice a rapid increase in the penis size, then probably it has to be temporary.

Does Bathmate give Permanent Results or not?

Having seen the difference between permanent and temporary results, it is of great importance to then discuss the possibility of getting permanent results with Bathmate. The question of whether Hyromax pump gives permanent results or not will be answered here below:

Bathmate is a highly-rated device that works to increase the size of a man’s penis. In simple words, the device can be said to be a good partner in increasing the length permanently. Bathmate has worked to provide permanent gains to many people. The success rate of this device is quite impressive. However, there are a few isolated cases of people who have not experienced permanent results using Bathmate, mostly due to wring usage of the device.

How to use Bathmate for Permanent Gains?

Given the fact that Bathmate can actually provide permanent results, it is important to learn the following about getting permanent results using Bathmate.

  • With a 90% erection, you should use the Bathmate for 15 minutes
  • Supplement with 150 Jelqs after the 15 minutes
  • Put it back on for another 5 minutes.

This is an exercise that you should do for two consecutive days and giving your penis a full day rest before engaging in the process again.

So, if you just bought bathmate and looking for some working routine then check my other post. I wrote so many helpful post that helps you to gain considerable amount of length and girth. There are few different models of Hydromax including X30, X40, Extreme and Goliath. You should buy any of that according to your current penis size.

This is how, you can gain permanent results with Bathmate. If you still have any queries then you can contact me by commenting here. I would be more than happy to assist you.

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