Bathmate Hercules vs Hydro Pump x30 – Comparison

Confused in selecting bathmate x30 and Hercules? Here is the in-depth comparison to help you choosing best penis pump for you.

Bathmate Hercules

The Bathmate Hercules refers to one of the longest selling hydro pump by Bathmate. It is designed to fit men of medium or average size, helping them gain size in terms of both length and girth. As with all Bathmate hydro pumps, Hercules is meant to be used while taking a bath or shower. It uses water to create the suction pressure, which has been proven more effective than air used in other competing devices. The quality of the Hercules is considered premium, with only the best of materials used.

Hydromax X30

The Hydromax x30 is also another hydro pump by Bathmate. It is one of the product in the x series line of products. It is also designed to fit the average size penis, usually about seven and a half inches in length and two inches in length. It has quite a number of differences as compared to the Hercules. The differences are in terms of the extra features, design, price, effectiveness and many more. Below are descriptions of some of those differences.

Differences between Bathmate Hercules and X30

Below is the comparison between Bathmate Hercules vs X30 pump. Check it and buy your penis pump accordingly.

bathmate hercules vs hydromax x30Features

The two hydro pumps are of the same size, but the gaitors of the X30 provide more usable room to accommodate more gain. Another main difference is that the X30 offers up to 35% more suction power. This means that the more experienced pump users will appreciate it a lot more, without any negative side effects resulting from the extra pressure. The valve found in the X30 has a completely new design. it is 100% leak-proof. The body of the X30 is also rotatable in any direction. In simpler terms, both the Bathmate Hercules and Hydromax X30 have lots of similar features, but the X30 has a lot more to offer. Its features are also a bit more updated.


Both pumps have been reviewed over the years that they have in the market, and what everyone seems to agree on is how comfortable they are. The X30 is however, a little bit more comfortable than the Hercules. With its hands free capability, you might even forget that you have it on.


The Hercules hydro pump is a lot cheaper compared to the X30. This can perhaps be attributed to the extra features that come with the X30. Most of the people who opt for the Hercules are those who are on a tight budget, and those who might simply be skeptical of the new advancements that the X30 has. You can buy that from official site of bathmate. They offer great discount and coupon codes too.


Both the Hercules and the X30 pumps are guaranteed to give you amazing results. However, the X30 is a little bit more effective. That means that you will receive significant gains within a shorter time when using the X30 pump. The reason for this is that the X30 has better functioning valves and offers more pressure than the Hercules pump.

Which of the two pumps should you buy?

Given that both are effective in delivering size gains, you cannot go wrong with either choice. However, the Hydromax X30 would be a much better choice because it has more features and offers more pressure to deliver the results a lot faster. Both are available from official site with awesome discount and bathmate promotion.

Bathmate X30 or Hercules? Which do think the best suits to you? Share your opinion here.

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