Can Bathmate Cause Damage or ED or Blister?

Find out common problem (i. Blister, ED etc) and damages caused by hydro penis pump. Bathmate is the leading pump for enlarging a man’s penis. It is popular all over the world due to its effectiveness. Another leading reason why people like Bathmate is because it is a safe product to use.

A majority of men are always concerned about the safety of the devices they use to enlarge their penis size. Therefore, they resort to using Bathmate because it is amongst the safest devices on the market. But does this mean that Bathmate cannot cause damage? Well, this is what we are going to look into here.

Can Bathmate Cause Damage or ED or Blood Blister?

YES. Bathmate can actually cause damage to your penis. This is despite the fact that it is a safe product. The reason it causes damage is that people abuse its use. Just like any other product, Bathmate requires the user to use it in a safe manner to avoid injuries.

bathmate hydromax injuries

Therefore, we can safely say that if you use it in the proper manner, you will definitely not experience any damage, hence, the need to be very careful when using such devices.

Common Penis Pump Injuries

  • Bruises and Blisters

You are likely to suffer minor bruises and blisters when using a penis pump. This is because of the delicate skin on the glans, which is susceptible to injury when pumping. These penis injuries can be a bit painful but do not have any serious effect on the male functioning.

  • Skin discoloration

Another problem that you are likely to encounter when using penis pump is skin discoloration. This is because the penile tissues are starved from oxygen.

  • Lymphatic fluid build up

While pumping the penis causes the penis to swell up, it also leads to abnormal lymphatic fluid build up. Even though the lymphatic fluid is an important component of the immune system, it can cause physical danger when built up in the penile tissues. They cause ‘doughnut’ like swellings that make your erections feel like water soaked sponge.

  • Damage to blood vessels

The massive blood pumped into the penis during pumping may cause internal pressure to blood vessels. This may cause serious damage to blood vessels. Needless to say, a rapture of the blood vessels may cause great pain.

These are some of the leading penis pump injuries. You can always avoid all these by using the penis pump properly. Remember, these injuries can cause you to have erectile problems hence the need to observe safety when using them.

bathmate damage and blisters

How to Use Bathmate Pumps Safely?

The first thing to do is to read instructions carefully. People always think that they can use penis pumps without reading the instructions. While it is possible, you are likely to develop injuries related to penis pumps. Therefore, read the instructions carefully. Luckily, you can always get a customer care assistance if you do not understand any instruction given. Other safety measures include:

  • Pumping slowly if you are using Bathmate for the first time
  • Use warm water to relax your penis
  • Add breaks to your pumping routine to help in avoiding bruises and penile tissue damage
  • Limit Bathmate sessions to about 15 minutes. Avoid overusing the pump

These are safety concerns that you must consider when using Bathmate pumps. If you observe them keenly, they will help you get the best results from Bathmate and avoid injuries.

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