Bathmate Goliath Hydro Pump Review and Results

Don’t Buy Bathmate Goliath Before you read my review here. Bathmate Goliath Hydro Pump is the largest penis pump from the bathmate collection. It is meant for people who already have large penis size but still wish to increase it. The quality and effectiveness of this pump is as good as all the other Bathmate products. It uses hydro technology with features that have been designed efficiently to ensure that it delivers the best results. Some of the main features are highlighted below.

bathmate goliath pump review and results

Review of Bathmate Goliath Hydro Pump

Read my below Bathmate goliath review to know more about the result and product material.


Bathmate Goliath Pump is said to be able to give you up to 5 inches increase in length. Girth will also increase proportionally. The amount of time it takes to experience the changes vary among different individuals. The science behind it is in the suction power of the pump. A kind of water vacuum is created by the pumping action. This causes the penile tissues to have some tiny fissures and new cells have to grow as a way of repairing the fissures. The increased cell numbers is going to reflect on the size of the penis.


The Like as hydromax x40 pump, Goliath too comes in three different colors. The three options are clear red, clear blue, and colorless. They all allow you to view yourself inside the pump and track your growth.

Measuring scale

There is a measuring scale on the pump, which you can use to track your growth. The scale is in both metric and imperial units meaning you can use whichever is more convenient. If you prefer not to track your growth, you can simply turn the scale to face downwards. If you have any query on using penis pump then you should read my previous post about that.

Pros of Bathmate Goliath

With the Bathmate Goliath Hydro Pump, you get two types of results, the permanent long-term results, and the instant results. The instant results are an increase in penile size just a few seconds after putting on the pump. You will get a good erection that can last long enough for you to take advantage of it and enjoy some great sex with your partner.

Hard erections

Your erections will be a lot harder with regular use of Bathmate X30 and Goliath. That means that you will enjoy better sex. You will also last a lot longer in bed, satisfying your partner a lot more.

Requires less time

If you read my bathmate vs penomet comparison then you should be aware that Bathmate requires lesser time to give you good result. The time taken for a single session of use is 15 minutes. It should be done during bath or shower time, meaning that it will not cause any inconvenience. You can enjoy your bath as the pump works on your penis.

Cons of Bathmate Goliath

There are possible side effects, but they only occur if the pump is not used in the right way.

When to choose Bathmate Goliath Pump?

The Goliath pump is a good choice for those who already have a large sized penis and wish to get more. It can accommodate girth size of up to 2.56 inches and 10.24 inches maximum length. The pump weighs 330g. You should use it if you have a goal of achieving maximum erection of slightly less than 10 inches.

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