Bathmate Injuries – Beginners Guide for Bathmate Pump

Want to use Bathmate safely? Are are some beginners guide and basic rules that you can consider to avoid possible injuries when using Bathmate Hydomax to increase size of your Penis.

As they say, there is always a first time for everything, including using a penis pump. Getting the first Bathmate Hydro pump always come amidst lots of excitement and anticipation, just as that of a little kid anxious to play with his new toy. There is nothing wrong with having such excitement over such a great product only that quite often than not, it leads to carelessness, sometimes even making one to ignore instructions and precautions.

bathmate hydromax injuries

That might sound like something so minor with very little consequences but the truth is, it can result in some serious injuries. Bathmate should always be used in the proper way, following all the instructions and taking precautions as required. Relying on internet knowledge alone might be a little misleading.

How to Avoid Bathmate Injuries?

  • Seal

Getting a perfect seal is not always easy until you master the right technique. Cases have been heard of complains stating faults in the pump while the real culprit is the lack of technique.

  • Pubic hair

For anyone with pubic hair, it can be very uncomfortable when the hair gets pulled into the cylinder when you start pumping. It is advisable that you shave all pubic hair to avoid any such incidences. Using a regular razor will work just fine.

  • Over-pumping

This is a very common mistake for first timers during their first few sessions. It causes too much pressure on the penis and can cause two distinct issues. The first one is redness on the penis which might result in hematoma. Hematoma refers to blood rising to the surface just underneath the skin. You should suspend using the Bathmate for a couple of days if you suspect that this has happened.

The second one is some other form of swelling that is not related to an erection. Too much pumping might result in a buildup of lymphatic fluids in the penis. It is also known as the donut effect and is usually harmless, but you should still suspend using the pump until it heals. Regular gentle massage of the penis will help the swelling to go away faster.

Above are some common mistake by first time Bathmate user and that can cause small or big injuries. You just need to avoid that and use it carefully to get success and desire result.

Beginners Guide to use Bathmate Penis Pump

  • Observe how it is hanging

How the scrotum is hanging can have a huge impact on the pumping process. If it is hanging a little more than normal, the pump will tend to suck in the skin. This will cause a lot of unnecessary pain. To avoid it, ensure that placement of the Bathmate is accurate.

  • Read all the instructions and start off slow

Always take your time to carefully read all the instructions before you use a Bathmate penis pump. Avoid trying to improvise or use shortcuts. The recommended time for every session is 15 – 20 minutes, though it is advisable to start with about 10 minutes and gradually increase the time as you get used to it.

  • Practice with Bathmate

The first couple of times that you try pumping can turn out to be very frustrating. Getting everything right, from a nice tight seal to the right pressure will be so challenging, but that is just until you get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect meaning that with time it will become second nature to you.

When you use a Bathmate penis pump in the right way, it becomes absolutely safe. It is an effective way to get you a stronger and harder erection that will transform your sex life in the most amazing way. This are the ways you can get rid of injuries from bathmate usage.

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