Bathmate Results After 1 Year – Before After Photos

Checkout the Bathmate before and after results after 1 year usage. Extending the size of penis has been a major concern for many men all over the world. There are different products in the market that have been trying to address this concern. Amongst all the brands, none has done the wonders done by Bathmate. We will look at the wonder working powers of Bathmate in increasing the size of a man’s penis showing the results of using this product.

What is Bathmate Hydromax?

The Bathmate is a revolutionary brand that produces devices for total penile health. It is acknowledged worldwide as the leading penis enlargement device. This has made the device as the most sought for in the world.

Apart from increasing the size of a man’s penis, Bathmate also works to keep the penis in its prime condition, long lasting & hard erections, and increased sexual pleasure. Therefore, you can use Bathmate device to increase your penis size and enjoy other benefits that come with it.

bathmate before and after results after 1 year

Can you Use Bathmate for Long Time?

Bathmate assures its users of great results within a short period of time. Soon after starting the usage of this device, you will experience changes in the size of your penis. There is no prescribed number of days or weeks that you can use the device.

You can use this device for as long as you want. There is no harm in using this device for a long time. Actually, it only helps you in increasing the size of your penis to a much larger size. Therefore, the longer you continue using the device, the larger your penis will be.

This means that you have the leeway to use the device for as long as a year. You can be sure of great bathmate hydro pump results at the end of your extended usage.

How Much Gain Can You Expect After 1 Year Hydro Pump Usage?

Whenever a man sets to the store to buy such a product, the result offered by the product is the main motivation. Men want to know the exact expectations when they start using this device. As earlier mentioned, the longer you use the device, the higher the expectations you should have.

If you can use the device for one year, then the results will be amazing. Different people experience different results when using this device. However, the average increase of the penis length should be 0.92 inch and 0.6 inch increase in thickness.

Therefore, if your penis size was at 5.1 inches, you can have it hit the admirable 6 inch within just a year of using this device. The beauty of it is that it also increases the thickness of the penis.

Now you know what to expect when you use this device for 1 year. The results may vary depending on the regularity of using the device. Therefore, you should use the device regularly to add more than 1 inch over a period of 1 year.

Bathmate Before and After Results (After a Year!)

Many people have used this device and experienced great results. Here are real bathmate results and testimonial of people who have used this device.

Williamson, 27 yrs, CA

I only came to know of bathmate hydro pump through a friend and I decided to give it a try to see if it can work for me. I started using the device in March 2015 when my penis size was 5.3 when fully erect. Throughout the usage, I have been experiencing hard erections with slight increase. In April 2016, my penis size had increased to 6.1 when fully erect. I just can’t find words to thank the manufacturers of this device.

Chris, 33, Berlin

I ordered for this product online after reading the reviews. At first, I did not believe that it could help me increase my penis size significantly but I just had to try because most people said it is the best in the world. After about 11 months of usage, I had recorded an increase of 1.1 inches. Now I can brag of 6.7 inches penis from the previous 5.6 inches. 

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