Should you use Bathmate with an Erect or Flaccid Penis?

Should you use Bathmate with an Erect or Flaccid Penis? If you are serious about penis enlargement, then Bathmate offers the best solution for you. You can use any pump from Bathmate to enlarge your penis size. While the device works to help in enlarging penis size, there is need to make the best out of it by following some basic tips. The argument with Bathmate Hydromax has always been on either using it with an erect or flaccid penis. This forms the basis of discussion below.

use bathmate with flaccid or erect penis

Is there a Difference between Erect and Flaccid Penis for Bathmate?

There is a great difference between using Bathmate with an erect penis and using it with a flaccid penis. Some people think that there is no difference between the two though the difference is quite clear and determines the result of using this penis enlargement equipment. You should also check bathmate medical research before start using it.

The main difference between the two is in terms of pressure. Pressure is an important factor to consider when you want to enlarge your penis. This pressure works to help in increasing the size of a man’s penis.

From an informed perspective of a person who has used the Bathmate, it is better off to use it with an erect penis than using it with a flaccid one.

From experience, an erect penis on Bathmate achieves greater gains. When you use it with an erect penis, the result will be a bigger, thicker, and longer penis. Therefore, if you want an increase, you should use an erect penis.

However, note should be taken by newbies not to start using Bathmate with full erection. It is of great importance to first get familiar with Bathmate before using it with an erect penis.

How to Use Bathmate Properly?

Again, success of gaining length with Bathmate goliath hydro pump lies on properly using this device. If you use it well, you will be in a position to experience significant improvements. The steps of using Bathmate properly are highlighted here:

  • The first step is to open the pump by sliding latch into the central position, which is the ‘open’ position.
  • The second step is to insert the pad into the vessel. You should first select the correct comfort pad before inserting it to the vessel.
  • Use its rotational ability to track your progress
  • Warm up for about five minutes before starting to use the Bathmate on you penis
  • Fill the device with water and insert your penis into it
  • Pump the device as a way of creating suction and expel water from it
  • Re-pump it again to maintain pressure
  • Hold and release the pressure before removing the device from your penis.

Doing this for 15 minutes a day will definitely guarantee you an increase in the size of your penis. In that way we could avoid possible bathmate side effects.

Conclusions for Newbies and Experienced Bathmate Users

As mentioned earlier on, the most contentious issue when using Bathmate is on whether to use it with an erect penis or flaccid penis. For newbie, it is advisable for them to use Bathmate with a flaccid penis and less pressure as a way of familiarizing with the device. It might cause an injury for a person without experience to use it with an erect penis. You should wait for at least 30 days before using it on erect penis. On the other hand, experienced users should use Bathmate with a full erect penis for effective results.

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