Water Pump vs Air Pump – Which is Good?

The Water Pump vs Air Pump. Which is good option for you? please read my in-depth review and comparison.

A hydro penis pump refers to a device that is used for the purposes of penis enlargement. Different from other pump devices, it uses water as a medium for creating the suction pressure on the penis. The pressure causes the penis to stretch outwards, which over time, will result in permanent size gains.

Air pumps, just like the water pumps, are also used for the purposes of enlarging the penis. The main difference is that they use air as the medium for exerting the outward pressure on the penis.

water vs air penis pumps comparison

Water Pump vs Air Penis Pump – The Comparison

Both types of devices operate by creating a vacuum around the penis, which forces blood to flow into the penis and cause an enlarged erection. When used on a regular basis, the size increase becomes permanent. However, a majority of people seem to have preference of the hydro pumps over the air pumps. This shows that there is a major difference between the two, which makes the hydro pumps stand out.

The answer lies in effectiveness. Studies and research have shown that hydro pumps offer better results compared to the air pumps. You will enjoy bigger size gains over a shorter time frame. The size increase is in both girth and length. Some findings have also shown that air pumps pose some health risks. You are likely to be injured when using it. It is for this and more reasons, that you will be better off investing in a hydro pump.

Water Pumping and Air Penis Pumping

Ease of use

How long it takes to set the pump in place when you want to use it can be a good way to judge which pump is easier to use. The traditional air pumps have a cylinder, rubber tube, pressure gauge, and hand grip, all of which you have to give focus to get a good fit. You will need both hands and some considerable amount of time to get it done. The hydro pumps on the other hand, do not have any moving parts. You can actually put it on using just one hand and it takes a very short time.


When you over pump the devices, there is a good chance that you might damage your penis. It can cause bruising, a burst blood vessel, or fluid retention. Traditional air pumps use pressure gauges to monitor how much pressure you apply as you pump. Hydro pumps gaiters instead. The gaiters are a much better option due to their self-regulation mechanism.

How to order air pump

It is highly recommended that you choose a hydro pump over the air pump. However, if you still wish to buy the air pump, you can simply visit the various websites that sell it and place your order. You can find such kind of pumps on Amazon, eBay and other site. I suggest you to please check the review and Faqs before placing an order as there are so many seller who sell fake products which may harm your dick.

How to order Bathmate Water Pump?

Bathmate is the most popular hydro pup in the current market. You can buy it from the official website. Simply visit the site and place an order of the Bathmate pump and any other product that you may want. They offer 60 days money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. It has been used by millions of male around the world, so you can trust on them.

If you are still confused about Water pump or air pump to enlarge your penis, then post your comment here. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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