Bathmate vs Hydromax vs Penomet – Comparison and Review

Bathmate vs Hydromax vs Penomet: which should you buy? You should read my comparison post here to get answer of all such queries.

Getting the right penis pump might be a bit of a challenge for many. There are a couple of factors, which you need to consider if you wish to get the most suitable pump. Some of the main factors include size, material, cylinder gauges, and price among many others. The right size depends on the current size of your penis, but with future growth also factored in. the two leading penis pumps in the current market are Bathmate and Penomet. A comparison of their main features is given below.

bathmate vs penomet comparison and review

Comparison of Bathmate vs Hydromax vs Penomet

Below is the side by side comparison of Hydromax, Bathmate and Penomet. We tried to cover design, price, usability, accessories and other factor.


The prices according to the official merchandisers, shows that Bathmate pumps are a bit cheaper. The prices for Penomet range from $127 to $297 while price for Bathmate are range between $110 and $199. While working on a strict budget and saving is a major concern, the Bathmate will be a better choice.

Value for money

Both pumps are for the high-end market, but they are completely worth the price. They both have strong gaiters, which provide room for long-term growth, meaning that you will not need to go shopping for another pump any time soon after purchasing them. The gaiter of the Bathmate is stronger than that of Penomet and can withstand more pressure. This means that Bathmate offers better value for its price.


The material used to make Penomet gaiters is silicone, which is a bit harder and tougher. Bathmate on the other hand uses soft rubber. Under water, the difference is not very noticeable and both pumps will feel very comfortable. Rubber is however, stronger when compared to silicon and will hold more pressure. Some of Bathmate pumps come with a removable comfort pad. Using it is optional, but it is supposed to add on comfort.


When proper care is taken, both pumps can last a lifetime. Cleaning both pumps is an easy process but it is a bit simpler for the Penomet. That is because the gaiters of the Penomet can be removed easily from the vacuum for cleaning. Gun Shine Oil, a cleaning foam, is also included in its package to help ensure that it retains its new-like appearance.


The Penomet Premium package offers the best deal in terms of accessories. It comes with five replaceable gaiters, all of which can provide different pump pressure levels for use as your size grows. A comfort strap is included as well to allow you enjoy a hands-free moment while in the bathroom. Gun Oil Shine cleaner is also included in the package.

Bathmate Hydromax x30 on the other hand does not have many accessories within the packaging. You however get the option of purchasing a variety of accessories independently. Such accessories include shower strap, cleaning kit, capsule bag, and inserts.

Why should you buy Bathmate Hydromax over Penomet?

Comparison say that Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet are both great pumps, but the Bathmate is a better choice. It comes at slightly lower prices while maintaining very high quality standards. It also creates more pressure to cater for long-term growth. You will definitely get good value for your money with Bathmate. You should follow correct routine to gain with penis pump. If you don’t have then you can check my previous post about that.

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