Bathmate Hydromax x40 Review – X40 Before After Results

Bathmate Hydromax x40 is one of the most popular pumps used for penis enlargement. Review says that Bathmate Hydro pump X40 uses water to create the suction force as opposed to air as seen in most pumps used for the same purpose. Water is much more effective and comfortable compared to air, which is why the X40 is a favorite of many. It comes in three different colors to suit your preferences. The colors are clear, semi-transparent blue and semi-transparent red. The style of pumping used is the bellows style, which builds up suction by pressing it towards your body and relaxing. Some of its main features are described below.

bathmate hydromax x40 review

Reviews of the Bathmate Hydromax x40

Would you like to buy dick pump and want to know how to use penis pump and real Bathmate Hydromax x40 Review? then you check below section.

Design and packaging

It ships in a plain white box to ensure maximum discretion. On opening the box, you will find a sleek looking packing which has some cool graphics, information, and images. The pump itself is in a removable drawer located at the bottom of the package. You can reuse the package to store the pump if you wish to. The package also contains a multi-language manual and an extra spring valve.


Bathmate Hydromax x40 works with an array of accessories. Among the main one is the shower strap. This comes in handy during use as it allows hands free use of the pump. It allows you to carry on with other activities in the bathroom while using the pump.


The tube is marked with a scale in both metric and imperial measurements. You can use the scale during use to monitor your growth. In case you do not want to see your progress, you can simply turn it to face down such that you will not be able to see it.

How to use the Bathmate Hydromax x40?

Using the Bathmate Hydromax x40 is quite easy but takes a little getting used to. Start by switching the valve to close position, which is either side of the central. Fill the pump with warm water from your bath or shower. Insert your penis in the pump, taking care to spill as little water as possible, and rest the comfort ring against your pelvis. Make sure that the testicles hang out of the pump and that they will not be sucked in when you start to pump. Push the pump towards your body, causing the bellows to collapse. A jet of water should shoot from the pump as you do this. Relax the inward pressure slowly, causing the bellows to return to their usual position. You should feel a suction force at this stage. Give it a few more pumps to get the optimum suction pressure. Make sure to do correct bathmate x40 exercises to gain length and girth.

Hydromax x40 Before After Results

There are two kinds of results, the immediate and the long term result. With the immediate result, you should experience an almost instant increase in size of your penis. This however, is usually temporary. With continued use, you will start noticing permanent increase in size. You can gain permanent results through bathmate X40 but you need to follow correct routine. To know more about that, please refer my penis pumping routine related tutorial. It works for almost all the penis pump.

Please refer our gallery for Bathmate X40 Before and after results and images.

Product info, dimension

The pump has a total length of 11.5 inches, including the bellows. The tube circumference at the base is 9.5 inches and 8.5 inches at the top. The outer circumference of the comfort ring is 12.5 inches.

As per the Features and Review of Bathmate Hydromax X40, It is one of the best penis pump that helps to enlarge your dick.

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