Bathmate Wine Vac Mod for Advanced Users

If you have been using hydromax for 6 months, you can make things a bit better by using the Wine Vac mod. Bathmate is one of the leading water-based pumps for increasing the size of the penis. Users of hydro pump have enjoyed great results. This will excite your Bathmate experience. The beauty of it all is that you will enjoy a great increase of the penis size.

What is Bathmate Wine Vac Mod?

This is an advanced modification of the Bathmate Hydromax to produce the best results. The Bathmate Vac mod is a wine cork used with the Bathmate Hydromax for better results. It is for advanced users of Bathmate. The reason it remains a preserve for the advanced users is that it breaks the size barriers of the regular Bathmate models. The wine vac model is better than the Hercules in producing better results.

What are the Benefits of Wine Vac Mod?

There are dozens of benefits that a user of the wine vac mod enjoys. Here are a few top benefits:

  • Significant increase in penis size

One of the leading reasons why the wine vac mod is beneficial to users is that it helps men increase a significant size of their penis. The regular models have a limit of about 6-7 inches. However, with the wine vac mod, you can break this limit and increase your penis size way far beyond 7”. This means that this mod gives you a larger penis than before. Therefore, it is beneficial because there is no limit to the size of the penis you can increase.

  • Rapid results

Another benefit is that the mod gives users rapid results. This means that you get to enjoy the benefit of an increased penis size sooner than the regular Bathmate models. Typically, it takes less than four weeks to experience a significant increase in penis size.

  • Permanent results

Furthermore, the results that you gain when using wine vac mod are permanent. Once you gain an inch or two, it will be yours forever. You will enjoy the benefit of permanent results when using this latest mod. It also restores your glans sensitivity.

With all these benefits, there are more than enough reasons for using the Bathmate Wine vac for advanced users.

How to Perform It Safely?

The Bathmate Wine Vac Mod provides the simplest way to take your hydro pump to maximum pressure and achieve the best results.

How to use it?

  • Just over the Bathmate nozzle, stretch the rubber wine cork
  • Pump the vacuum
  • Pump to maximum pressure

Using this mod is easy because you just replace it with your regular model and it gives you control of the pressure in your hands.

Safety Tips:

You should remember that the safety of your penis is the most important thing. This means that you should be careful when pumping using the wine vac mod. Observe the maximum pressure of Bathmate to avoid giving too much pressure that will cause harm to your penis. You should be very careful with the pressure to avoid damages.

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Is it Good for All Users?

Well, all users can use it but it is advisable that the advanced users of Bathmate use it. This is because the advanced users already know how to handle pressure when pumping. Furthermore, it is a mod only used for gaining more than 7inches hence, ideal for the advanced penis pump users.

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