How to Restore Glans Sensitivity – Make Your Penis More Sensitive

Do you want to restore your glans (penis heads) sensitivity? Find out all natural and 100% safe way to do it. A normal penis is usually very sensitive. Actually, the penis is one of the most sensitive organs in a man’s body. However, sometimes, the penis can be numb. This numbness in penis causes it to be insensitive. A person with a numb penis may experience the following symptoms: a cold feeling, a tingling feeling, a burning feeling, bluish skin, and/or a pins-and-needles feeling.

Causes of Less Sensitive Penis

The following are the likely causes of penile numbness:

  • Injury to penis

An injury to the penis can cause it to be less sensitive. The penis is a delicate organ in a man’s body and an injury to it may cause it to be less sensitive. This is because its sensitivity relies on its proper functioning and when injured it cannot function properly.

  • Diseases and side effects of drugs: A disease that damages the nerves is likely to cause numbness in the penis. Such diseases cause penile numbness because they affect the part of the brain responsible for sending sensitivity signals to the body, thus affecting the penis. Some of these diseases include multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and peyronie’s disease.

restoring glans sensitivity fast and naturally

Again, there are drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease, which may cause the penis to be less sensitive. The drug selegiline is one of the drugs that cause loss of sensation in the penis. This is a side effect of using this drug.

  • Lower testosterone: Testosterone is responsible for a man’s sex drive, sperm production, muscle mass etc. With age, the level of testosterone is reduced. When there is a significant reduction in the levels of testosterone in the body, a man may experience less sexual feeling and pleasure. This is because of the penis is less sensitive.
  • Poor circulation: You can also have a less sensitive penis because of poor blood circulation in the body. With poor circulation, the penis cannot receive enough blood to maintain the required levels of sensitivity, hence a numb penis.

These are some of the leading causes of reduced sensitivity in the penis.

How to Restore Glans Sensitivity Naturally and Fast?

If your penis is less sensitive, you do not have to worry for there are multiple ways you can use to restore the sensitivity of your penis. We will highlight the top ways you can use to treat loss of sensitivity in the penis.

  • Increase cardiovascular health through exercise: One of the reasons why your penis is less sensitive may be because of poor circulation. To treat this, you should do high-intensity training sessions 9at least 3 per week). This will make your body adapt to the required fitness levels and thus increase blood circulation in the body.
  • Wear comfortable underwear: You should have comfortable underwear that allows proper blood circulation in the body as a way of treating penis numbness.
  • Yoga: You can also try a few yoga sessions that will restore your mind and body to normal functioning. Sometimes, the numbness of the penis is just caused by mental and physical problems that yoga can solve well.

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The Phalogenics Traction Program

The best alternative to the above mentioned is using the Phalogenics Traction Program.

It is a cool down program that you can use to have a well-rounded penis treatment. You can perform it after penile exercises. Traction wrapping allows your penis to find a resting place for it to grow. The growth will enable the penis to regain its sensitivity.

Therefore, you can use this program as a supplement to the remedies mentioned above.

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