Can You Use Bathmate Without Water?

Bathmate is a leading water-based pump for increasing the size and girth of a man’s penis. However, there has been the question of whether a man can use Bathmate without water. This question forms the basis of discussion here where we will look into its answer comprehensively and learn a few important things about using Bathmate without water.

Is it possible to use Bathmate without water?

Yes, it is possible to use Bathmate without water. Even though it is a water-based male enhancement device, users of Bathmate can use hydromax without water.


However, the results of using Bathmate without water will not be as significant as when using water. Therefore, if you are looking for better results, using water is the best option. This does not mean Bathmate without water is not effective. Actually, a very small number of men can notice the difference in the results.

Bathmate Hydromax without Water - is it safe?

How to Use Bathmate as Aim Pump With No Water?

Here are the steps that you should follow when using a Bathmate male enhancement device without water:

  • You should start by applying a lubricant to the penis base and the tip. It is important to apply a sufficient amount of lubricant to make the whole process as effective as it should be
  • The next step is to get your penis into the pump. You should just slide it gently then begin pumping. This is an important step since it is the core activity that gets you the results you need. Therefore, you should pump severally to buildup sufficient pressure. Sometimes the tip of your penis may stick on the wall of the Bathmate device. If that happens, just shake the pump until the tip of the penis detaches itself from the wall.
  • Continue pumping for around 15 minutes before releasing the pressure valve.
  • After you have removed the pressure valve, you can now remove the device gently and get rest.

Using Bathmate without water is as easy as described above. You can always follow the above-mentioned steps without any hassle. [Buy Bathmate in Mexico]

Will it be Effective and Safe?

If you follow the steps as highlighted above, the process will be safe and very effective. You will be able to increase the size of your penis after some time of using Bathmate pumping device.

To make it more effective, you can consider a penile exercise such as jelqing after every 5-minute session. You should buy bathmate replacement parts, if you found that original unit isn’t working well.

How to Use Hydro Pump While Showering?

Here are the steps to follow when using the hydro pump while showering:

  • Just proceed with your normal bathing routine then relax afterwards to keep your scrotum loose. This is an important preliminary step that you must always keep in mind
  • Fill the hydro pump with water while holding it to disallow water flowing out of the penis
  • After filling the pump with water, you can now insert the penis into the device and immediately begin pumping. You should pump using ideal intervals that will buildup good pressure. 5 minutes intervals is the recommended interval for pumping
  • You can use a comfort shower strap for a hands-free operation. This will allow you more flexibility with your hands to continue your showering routine. It helps to get a rid of small dick fast.
  • As soon as you are done pumping, just release the pressure valve and remove the device.

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