Five development trends of sex toys in 2024 Feel the shock of technology!

If you want to explore yourself or your intimate relationship with your partner, sex toys are the best choice! Facing a dazzling array of sex toys What exactly to start with? What will be the changes or developments in the use of these sex toys? Sex experts share the top five trends for sex toys in 2022. This is going to be a very technical year. Are you ready?

# 1: The Rise of Wearables

Wearable toys in 2022 will increase dramatically in the new year. The We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Jumping Egg, for example, is a remote app-controlled vibrator with a slim shape ideal for wearing under underwear and a magnet on the outside that holds it tightly against movement. For men, the We-Vibe Ditto Vestibular Massager can also be controlled by a connected app and is flexible and stealthy enough.

# 2: Break down space constraints and make connections

Remotely controlled, networked sex toys will change the way we build relationships. For long-distance couples, remote-controlled toys are a great way to achieve intimacy.

The We-Vibe Melt clitoral vibrator allows one person to give their pleasure to another, regardless of not being physically together. At the same time, remote control toys are a solid addition to a couple’s relationship. They spice things up with games and are great for foreplay. When, and how much, you orgasm is done by your partner through an app-controlled toy, a game that infuses intimacy with fun freshness. With the development of science and technology, space travel will eventually become a daily life. These remote-controlled toys are not afraid of space and distance, nor are they affected by gravity. They will be perfectly adapted to the future space distance and sex.

# 3: Unprecedented optimization of male toys

In recent years, the types of male toys and their functions have greatly increased. Men have many options, from masturbation cups to vibrators to penis rings to prostate massagers. The Arcwave Ion Masturbation Cup applies Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air air-sucking technology to the tip of the penis, and there will be more male sex toys in 2022, and even more possibilities will be explored.

# 4: AI meets DIY fun

The emergence of artificial intelligence will enable toys to be improved through interaction with humans, and to develop new toys that can learn from past interactions. For example, by integrating the mouse click data of volunteers, we can build a simulated oral sex model, and integrate sensors in the device to provide enough information for cloud data, so as to bring a more perfect and balanced experience.Such as Tryfun Yuan-series APP Controls Intelligent Rotation Thrusting Masturbator. Artificial intelligence can also inspire product designs that better meet people’s needs, desires or usage behaviors, while also helping to recommend products to potential customers to help them explore their sexual orientation.

# 5: Safer, Environmentally Friendly Products

At present, the industry’s environmental standards are being tightened, which means that sex toys must pass more stringent tests to ensure that products are more environmentally friendly and have safer compatibility with the human body. Plastic and silicone, which are commonly used in sex toys, are just a drop in the bucket, but it is feasible to replace these materials with glass or metal. In terms of environmental protection, Womanizer Leopard Beauty, as a pioneer in the industry, has begun to study environmental alternatives and made a new sex toy, Premium Eco Green Edition, from a bioplastic called Biolene. Biolene is a bioplastic made from 70% corn starch, which is as comfortable and skin-friendly as ABS, but biodegradable.


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