Penis Pump Injury – Avoid Bathmate Side Effects

Using water-based pumps is one of the best ways of increasing the size of a penis. For many years, men have been using water-based pumps to help them improve their sexual lives by increasing the penis size. However, some men have been adamant because of the fear of being injured by a penis pump.

Does a Penis Pump Cause Injury?

While many penis pumps advertise as completely safe products, there can be injuries related to the use of these penis pumps. The injuries range from mild to serious depending on various factors such as the type of penis pump used, the method of using, and duration of usage among many others.

bathmate hydromax injuries

Bathmate is the world’s best penis pump. This is based on the number of men buying this device. However, the Bathmate Hydro pumps also cause injuries. We will discuss all the different types of injuries that you are likely to get when using Bathmate and the ways of avoiding these injuries.

Types of Bathmate Injuries

There are various types of Bathmate injuries as discussed below:

  1. Soreness

Soreness is the popular type of injury caused by Bathmate. It is caused by the pressure introduced to the sensitive penile areas.

  1. Penile Bruising

The pressure Bathmate places on the skin can cause hematomas to form on the surface of the penile skin. These bruises can be easily avoided by taking breaks during the pumping sessions.

  1. Fluid Retention

This is a type of Bathmate injury that looks like swelling. It is also known as the “donut effect”. While the penis pump works to fill the penis with blood, it also draws lymphatic fluid into the penile region, which may lead to the urethra being blocked and causing the “donut effect”.

  1. Erectile dysfunction

While Bathmate is supposed to help improve the sexual life of the user, it may actually work to do the exact opposite. Overuse of Bathmate may lead to erectile dysfunction. It is important for any Bathmate user to recognize and act on this side effect to avoid a permanent erectile dysfunction.

  1. Penile fracture

Penile fracture is a rare type of Bathmate injury. There are very few cases of men with penile fractures because of using Bathmate. However, it is still possible and the fracture requires surgery to treat it.

  1. Blood vessel damage

Using Bathmate may also lead to the damage of the blood vessels. The pumping of the penis is what causes the blood vessels to be damaged. This may lead to circulatory problems hence the importance of avoiding this injury. [bathmate in cvs, walmart and walgreens]

  1. Testicular infections

Testicular infections are also rare but can happen when you uncomfortably use hydromax.

These are the different types of hydro pump injuries. It is clear that there are injuries that may be caused by using a penis pump.

How to Avoid Damage and Injuries?

You do not have to worry about these injuries for you can avoid them following some simple tips as highlighted here:

  • Start slow

Do not rush into using Bathmate pump. This means that you should not overuse a penis pump. As earlier seen, overuse is a major cause of injuries. Make sure to read the success stories to avoid any side effects.

  • Use the right pump

There are various pumps for different users depending on their penis sizes. You should select the one that best suits your penis to avoid pressurizing your penis too much.

  • Take rest when injured

At the earliest sign of an injury, you should take a rest. You should not continue using Bathmate when you have an injury. Make sure to us bathmate coupons to save huge.

  • Follow instructions

Following the instructions on the manual is an important thing that you should do as a way of avoiding penis injury.

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