How to Produce More Sperm? Ways to Cum alot

Worried about low semen? Want to produce more sperm like pornstar? Here are the best ways to cum alot naturally and super fast.

The volume of semen during ejaculation is different for every man, usually varying from 2 ml to 7ml. there are a couple of factors that also plays a major role in determining the volume, such as the age of the man, foods consumed, masturbation frequency and health state among many others. It is important to note that the volume of semen produced is different from the sperm count of the man and does not necessarily relate to fertility. However, ejaculating more sperm is a good sign of good sexual health. It is also said that the sperms constitute about 10% of the semen, irrespective of the volume.

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How to Product more sperm naturally?

  • Diet

What you consume has a very large impact on the quality and quantity of semen that you will produce. You should start by avoiding processed foods at all costs. Whole and unprocessed foods like nuts, fish, steak, vegetables, and fruits will work best to improve your sperm production and ensure a healthy sexual system. You should also minimize exposure to some heavy metals and consume lots of green tea to improve the circulation of blood. The quality and shape of sperm as well as their mobility can be improved by foods rich in amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins.

The top ten specific foods that you should really consider are dark chocolate, eggs, oysters, bananas, spinach, garlic, walnuts, asparagus, pumpkin seeds, and carrots. [bathmate stretches and result]

  • Temperature

The optimal temperature for the development of sperms is ranges between 29oC and 35oC. Higher temperatures slow down the production of the sperms and results in less sperm volume.The steps that you can take to minimize the exposure of the scrotum to heat include,

  • Avoid long sauna sessions and tanning bed
  • Do not wear clothes that are tight fitting
  • Avoid keeping laptops on your lap.
  • Exercise and sleep

Your sexual performance can be improved greatly by getting lots of quality sleep as the testosterone levels increase during the REM dream phase. Exercise will go a long way in ensuring that you get better sleep.

  • Less masturbation

It takes some amount of time for sperms to mature well enough for fertilization. Each time you ejaculate during masturbation, you get rid of all the well-matured sperms and it will take some time before you can produce the normal volume again. Instead of that, try to focus more on increase your girth by using bathmate and sizegenetics extender.

 How can Semenax help you to cum a lot?

Semenax is a daily supplementation, which is designed to provide the reproduction system of men with specified nutrients that can improve the ability of the body to manufacture fluids for orgasm. In simpler words, Semenax is a pill that can be used to increase orgasms for bigger, better, and longer ejaculations that are more amazing than you can ever imagine. They are clinically proven to be very effective in delivering all that they promise including,

  • Increasing the amount of semen that you produce as well as the visual aesthetics of the load
  • Increasing the intensity of orgasm and,
  • Increase the power of the orgasmic contractions among others.

In addition to all those benefits, you will also get better control over your overall orgasm, helping you last longer in bed. This is how, you can easily produce more sperm naturally without any side effect.

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