Turtling 101 – How to Prevent Penile Turtling?

Are you suffering from Turtling and looking for best way to treat it? Read this guide to prevent penis Turtling naturally. Those involved in penis exercises are always afraid of their units starting to shrink. It is a cause of alarm for many men. However, it should not be a cause for alarm for we will provide legit ways of preventing turtling.

What is Turtling?

Penis Turtling prevention method

Many people have at seen a turtle at least once in their lives. A turtle usually pulls his head in and out of the shell. That is if you meet a non-sociable turtle.

Turtling is purely related to that except that now it happens to a man’s penis. Turtling involves a dramatic decrease in flaccid length of a man’s penis. The level of hardness may also be affected also. Many people experience this because it is the natural way of protecting the penis when not in use. However, extended turtling may cause serious concerns.

What Causes It?

While turtling remains a natural process, you should be worried if it is in excess. Here are some of the likely causes of turtling:

  • Over-training: one of the main causes of Penis turtling is over-training. If you are putting your dick into too much training, it may become flaccid. Over-training is often associated with jelqing though other forms of exercises an also cause turtling.
  • Intense workouts:intense workouts are not the same as over-training. Intense workouts are mainly to do with the period of training. You should not take much time in training when your penis is turtled all day.
  • Insufficient warm-up:before, you go for an exercise, you should warm up sufficiently to prepare your muscles for the impending exercises. If you fail to warm-up well, you will lead your penis into turtling.
  • Jelqing pressure: you may also experience jeqing simply because you are applying too much pressure while jelqing. You should learn the basics of jeqing before you start it.
  • Stretching too hard:overstretching can also cause turtling. Therefore, you should not stretch too much to an extent that your dick right off. If you are a beginner, you should start by stretching lightly to avoid turtling.

Penile exercises are important. However, you should be very careful when doing these exercises for they might cause turtling of your penis.

How to Prevent Penis Turtling Naturally?

There are methods that you can use to prevent turtling. We will highlight the best ways of avoiding penis turtling.

  • Lighten your jelqing pressure: one of the first things that you should do is to reduce the pressure that you apply when jeqing. Even if you think you are applying light pressure, you still need to lighten it more.
  • Reduce jelqing:another important thing that you should do is to try and reduce jelqing. 10-15 reps can just be that difference between the right workout and over-training. Therefore, reducing it keeps you in a safe place.
  • Reduce stretching tension:you should also reduce the stretching tension, which can cause turtling of the penis.
  • Increase warm-up time: add more minutes of warming up before you start the penile exercises.
  • Drink green tea:green tea helps with many things. It is good for giving a better flaccid length.
  • Try penis oil:there are some penis oils that you can use during your exercises to prevent turtling.
  • Reduce masturbation: though there are no clinical reports showing that masturbation leads to turtling, there is a slight relationship between the two. Therefore, you should reduce your frequency of masturbation as a way of preventing turtling.
  • Always do you warm-ups on daily basis
  • Do not wear tight clothing
  • Never discourage spontaneous erections

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What do if these methods don’t work?

If you have tried these methods and they did not work, you should then try a penis enlargement device. Bathmate is the best remedy for reducing turtling when all the methods do not work. Make sure to buy bathmate online from official site only to avoid any fraud.

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